Basic tool for creating multiple folders

New Folder Wizard

Creating one new folder is no problem for most of us, but what if you need to create ten, or even a thousand? New Folder Wizard might be the answer.

New Folder Wizard is a small program that doesn't require installation. It is very basic, and doesn't even have a help file, but carries out its job quickly and efficiently. It won't do anything fancy, but it will automatically create a range of files (from 1 to 20,000) and name them with either a number and your choice of prefix and/or suffix, or by using a list of folder name that you create and save as a .TXT file.

New Folder Wizard has a preview function so you can see exactly how your filing structure will look when it is finished and it will warn you if you have accidentally created duplicates. You can also specify the frequency of the number-based naming system and copy the list of new file names to the clipboard, so you can review and modify it before importing it to New Folder Wizard again.

It's not every day you'll need to create 20,000 folders, but when you do, you can bank on New Folder Wizard to do the job.