A complete pack of system optimization tools

TweakNow Powerpack

TweakNow PowerPack is a system cleaner and optimizer that's divided into ten modules, each one of them devoted to a different purpose.

All the modules included in TweakNow PowerPack are pretty self-explanatory and let you perform all sorts of system maintenance tasks, from erasing temporary files to uninstalling software, including also analyzing disk usage, tracking start-up applications and defragmenting the Windows Registry. Some of the modules are a bit too simple though, and I didn't like the fact that you can't export – not even copy to the clipboard – the report generated by the System Information tool.

As other similar repairing tools, TweakNow PowerPack lets you create backup copies before applying any changes to the system. The program also features a selection of assorted tools, with useful utilities to create virtual desktops, optimize memory or schedule system shutdown.

Finally, TweakNow PowerPack also gives you access to a few hidden Windows tweaks with which you can customize the way user accounts are managed, or customize the OEM info that appears on System Properties, among other options.