Control volume with the mouse wheel

Volumouse is a tine application that makes volume control and other things available from your mouse - ideal for those times a surprisingly loud song or program blasts out of your speakers or headphones!

Volumouse Portable

The application puts an icon in the system tray, so you barely notice it's running unless you need it! The basic setup is that the left-button held, with the mouse wheel will control volume, as will the Alt key plus the mouse wheel. Once you try, it's so natural you might wonder why it's not already a Windows feature.

You can add four more mouse wheel rules, to control lots of things from screen brightness to window transparency. The interface is hardly beautiful, but it is clear and functional, and is unlikely to be a problem for anyone to understand. Volumouse is totally portable - so you can run it from a USB stick on any Windows PC you like. There's nothing bad about Volumouse - if it sounds useful to you, it does the job excellently.

Volumouse is an excellent tool for adding volume or other control to your mouse wheel.