How To Import Windows Media Player Library To Winamp

Since Winamp is one of the best audio players available for Windows, most of us use Winamp as our default audio player. If you have used the default Windows Media Player for a while you will agree that the Windows Media Player library feature is excellent.


If you don’t like to waste your precious time in creating or organizing library in Winamp you can simply import your WMP library to Winamp as well. But Winamp doesn’t let you import WMP library by default.

Luckily! I have come across a small application, in fact a plug-in, (of course free) that lets you import windows Media Player library to Winamp including all metadata such as ratings and play counts.

This plug-in requires Windows Media Player 9 or higher and Winamp version 5 or higher.

Key features:

# Imports library in a few seconds

# Import what you need: You can import all audio and video files, only audio or only video files as well

# Allows you remove files from the Winamp library that are not found in Windows Media Player library

# Automatic import allows you import library on every Winamp startup

Download Plug-in