Improve system responsiveness and stability in high load situations

Process Lasso

One of most common reasons for your PC slowing down is processes that are hogging your system and taking all your CPU.

Process Lasso aims to solve this problem by reducing the priority of those processes that are not important and returned to a responsive level. It also works with multiple processes that are causing a problem so it can deal with more than one program at once. If you think that the program is prioritising the wrong processes, then you can define default processes that you want to be controlled or kept an eye on. Process Lasso also displays graphs and other graphical represeantations to show you which processes are requiring the most CPU usage. You can blacklist those processes that are showing rather high graph readings or that are clearly taking up more CPU usage than they deserve. Although the program requires no experience, it does offer advanced settings and twesking options to make sure that it only blocks those processes that are specified or targeted by yourself. Fortunately, the program itself is very low on resources so it will not add to your CPU hogging problems.

A very useful process monitor than will ensure your CPU only dedicates itself to those programs that really need it.



Recent changes in Process Lasso:

  • Fix.Installer: Fixed second, redundant query for language selection in Vista+ /w UAC.
  • Fix.Localization: Changed much internal string handling to unicode.
  • Fix.Localization: Fixed installer component names in Japanese translation.
  • Fix.Localization: Fixed update checker not translated in Japanese.
  • Fix.InstallHelper: (XP/2k only) Fixed preservation of last selected rights assignment between installs.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Default rights assignment to highest when running the core engine as a service, and disable normal rights selection.
  • Change.AdvancedTools: Merged TweakScheduler and VistaMMSC resources into main resource module.
  • Change.AdvancedTools: Readied TweakScheduler for localization.
  • Change.AdvancedTools: Readied VistaMMSC for localization.
  • Addition.Localization: Added Serbian language by Оzzii, српски.
  • Addition.GUI: Added new 48x48 @ 24bpp application/shell icon, by Vitor Machado.

OS requirements for Process Lasso:

  • OS: Win2000/NT/XP/Vista