Check Your System Security With Norton Security Check Free

Keeping your system clean and safe is every essential to make sure that your data is safe. If you are looking to sweep your PC clear of all malicious attacks here is a free & effective service that helps you make your system safer.

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Norton Security Check is a free service from the well-known Symantec security that tests your computer’s exposure to a wide range of online threats. At first it may seem like this is just another tool. But if you are really serious about the system security you should try this tool.

The scan conducts five types of tests on your system in a short period of time and generates reports depending on that.

Hacker Exposure Check: Tests your TCP ports for unauthorized Internet connections.

Windows Vulnerability Check: Tests whether basic information, including your PC’s network identity, can be seen by hackers.

Trojan Horse Check: This method attempts to test for access to your computer through methods commonly used by Trojan horses.

Antivirus Product Check: Will check your antivirus.

Virus Protection Update Check: Will check if your antivirus definitions are up-to-date.

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