VistaSwitcher – Nice Alt + Tab Replacement With Cool Features

Many users who have switched to Windows 7 and Vista from XP find the good old Alt + Tab as the best window switching feature. Although you can use the Flip 3D feature in Windows 7 and Vista, many of us find Alt + Tab as the best one.

vista switcher

So, if you have been using Alt + Tab, then here is cool tool that replaces the default Alt + Tab with a larger semitransparent box with a nice preview.

Once you install this utility on Windows 7 or Vista, it will replace the default Alt + Tab box.

Vista switcher 2

Besides you can see more options by right-clicking on the Alt + Tab box. There are also some options such as Sort by title and sort by application. Right-clicking on a task in the list displays switch to, minimize, maximize, restore, Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and tile vertically (last three options work only if you have selected two of more tasks/windows).c

Overall it’s a cool Alt + Tab replacement utility with some handy features for Windows 7 and Vista.

Download VistaSwitcher